A unexpected visit from an old friend

I have been out running errands all morning.I didn’t actually have that many errands to run but having the girls with me slowed me down.Being away for so long made impossible to resist the temptation of treating ourself in one of our favourite coffee shop,in between errands of course.That slow us down also.We had a girls lunch today,equal cakes.A deserved treat before school starts.That was the official justification for the inner”healthy mom”voice that made me notice how lazy and not nutritious my choice has been.Not nutritious at all but so delicious indeed,beside these 2 girls spent 6 weeks in Italy and most of the time have been fed by their grandmothers,…..they had enough healthy nutritious food.Done with the errands and satisfied by our lunch we went home.The girls got themselves busy in the garden.I decided that,after a month of happy separation and no contacts whatsoever, it was time to rediscover my relationship with the iron board.Judging by the pile of stuff in the laundry room obviously it missed me more then I did! I confess ,I cheated bringing my husband ‘s shirts to the laundrette to be ironed,(one of the morning errand),but I still had enough to take care of:table cloths,few of my summer dresses,trousers and so on.In general I don’t mind to iron but I am afraid I still didn’t get out of the lazy holidays mood so it was an hassle today,but it has to be done.When I iron, I usually do it in front of the tv,(my exception to afternoon tv that I usually don’t watch).I am ready,all set.The iron is hot and television is on.Too bad there are still all the summer crap programs that bore me and gives me headache as it looks like the presenters are afraid of not being heard,(or reconfirmed in Autumn),and they shout like they are selling something in a market.I was hoping in some replica of “judge Judy ” or “doctor Phil” but no luck .By now I am nearly done ,I’m zapping to see if I can find a decent program for the last tablecloth when I hear a familiar soundtrack:”Murder she wrote”. Here she is:Jessica Fletcher.I love Jessica Fletcher. If I think about it, she has been with me most of my life.I was still in high school when they started to show her first episodes and I used to watch them in the evening with my mom.Then she has been my lunch companion through university: they showed her at 1 o’clock and if I was not in faculty ,I used to watch her while having my lunch and my break from study.I got pregnant with my first daughter and she was with me everyday,late afternoon.At the time I was back from work around 4.30 and after walking the dog I had a rest with my feet up on the sofa with her before dinner time.That show time schedule worked well even after I had my baby because it was feeding time and it was comforting to have my long time friend Jessica with me .Once back to work,unfortunately, we haven’t seen each other regularly for a while but after I had my second baby we met again. “murder she wrote”was on around 7 ,if I am not mistaking,kids were in bed and I could watch it while cooking dinner in the kitchen. Perfect timing once again Mrs Fletcher.When my first daughter was older,around 5,she used to watch it with me for a while.Her sister was already in bed but she was allowed to stay up longer.Cartoon time was over and we usually had a cuddle and a quiet time watching a bit of Jessica before it was time to go to bed for her too. I don’t have to say that the episodes were always the same and that I knew exactly how was going to end but ,still,there was something in that show that gave me peace and warmth.It always gave me a homely feeling .Back to today ,I was delighted I found it .I haven’t seen an episode in at least 3 years .May be there was even a chance I dint remember well who was the culprit!It had just started when my daughter walked into the kitchen and immediately recognised Jessica’s voice:”Oh Jessica.I remember her.We used to watch it when I was small”.,she said.Then she grabbed a biscuit and went to sit on the couch in front of the television.Out of impulse I turned off the iron and I went to sit beside her.We cuddled and enjoyed Jessica’s company together one more time.

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