The poison neighbour.

After posting about self acceptance I started to think about my neighbour.I think she is suffering of a total lack of self acceptance but she doesn’t know it.She is constantly on Facebook,checking in wherever she goes,but also spying on everybody else pages and whenever there is something better then what she does,(that it is not that hard),she never leaves a like.Few years now we moved in the neighbourhood and ,I am not joking ,I must have seen her smile may be 2/3 times.We have really few in common,probably just the address,so when I wave at her and politely say” hi,how are you”,is more a greeting then a real interest in how she is doing.I don’t expect 20 minutes of moaning about house maintenance,kids or leaves to be swept.That’s an other thing that get us apart, she hates nature:it s been years she is trying to get rid of a lovely row of big trees we have along the lane.Apparently at summer they grow too much and in autumn they loose too many leaves.Bushes must go too,they hide dirt and birds and cats…..actually only thing they hide is her kids littering.I know I sound a bit bitter too but we are talking about a woman who picked up my dog’s poo with a shovel(I haven’t realised the dog ran out and popped)and place it at my doorstep.I was mortified because I usually scooped up and rarely leave the dogs out in the front without lead, but I was also shocked by the gesture…..come on …who does that?:just ring the bell,tell me about the poo and I’ll pick it up!!!I always do it and she knows it.Well her turn to be mortified came when I showed up at her door with a box of chocolate to apologise. To be honest ,chocolates said “apologies”,my frown said “here you bitch,shovel all the chocolates down your belly and straight to your fat ass”!Now you got the character,do you? I don’t think she has anything personal against me,it is just she cannot control me,I am new in the village but I made my own friends and connections,ignoring her and her friends.I live my life,keep to myself,do my own things and don’t care about village’s gossips,dynamics etc.Fortunately my kids are not attending the local school.This way it I can avoid her and her circle of moms friends who seems to wear their active outfit all day long everyday, despite the fact that the only exercise they do is getting in and out their cars. The car,that is an other topic. She loves her big chunky SUV.If she was a man that would be the extension of her penis. Her car defines her,it is a statement of what she is and what she can afford…..except she can’t really.Car is in fact more parked then on the road as the road tax is too expensive.And I thought that the 80s/90s were long gone!!!!!! .When we first moved she was kind of acting like the queen of the road and ,in her mind,had a clear idea about our financial situation.Idea made by the cars we were driving,(we are only 4 houses in the road and gossips are quickly spread),until she found out what my husband does and by consequence how much he roughly earns.Obviously she didn’t like it, but ,thanks God,we don’t own flashy big car and we don’t hang out much in the village so she can keep the appearances! Yessss, she can really annoys me: She annoys me with her comment about me overdressing for school runs like I am a frilly idiot,( I like to dress up and wear nice accessories.I do it for myself and for my husband.I wear my dogs clothes in the morning and when I am done with the walking I take a shower and get properly dressed.);she annoys me because of her attitude toward nature and my dogs,(despite the dogs never went close to her or her kids apparently the poor babies,that are 9 and 10,are terrified of such big dogs);she annoys me because she blames my kids for not playing with hers but,every time they do it is a pain as my girls must play what they want or they go in crying,they have to let them win or they go in crying,active games are banned because they are both overweight and don’t want to run……

I genuinely think that if she would stop comparing herself with others and just accepting herself for what she is and what she has and be grateful for that,she would be much happier.

She, probably, genuinely thinks what the hell do I have to smile about,everyday, leaving the house and getting in my little shitty car.


For the record it is little but not shitty🚘.It is brand new,(except for the bump on the passenger’s door I got last year when I bumped into a van on a roundbout😳) and all I save in petrol and tax road I can spend it in shoes,plus i fit everywhere.


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