Everyday inspirations: a one day story.

Breakfast on a rainy morning

This morning we woke up with a very grey sky. It is just me and my husband ,our daughters stayed over at my parent’ s house yesterday evening. We overslept and got up with lazy limbs trying to decide where to have breakfast. Our holidays breakfast are usually slow . Time is never tight in the morning here. I got up first,have my 2 glasses of hot water and then I make the coffee. The balcony is small but big enough for a little table where we can drink our coffee and eat some biscuits while checking the online news. Nightshirts ,are the compulsory dress code. The girls prefer to have their breakfast inside but the door is on open and they can still enjoy the morning breeze. This morning we decide to go out for breakfast . I like a nice cappuccino and a croissant but I hate rushing in the morning, get up ,get dressed and ready to go at high speed. As much as the croissants are tempting I prefer my biscuits at low motion at home but, this morning is different. It is already late and dressing up ,straight after we get up ,and go it doesn’t bother neither me nor my husband, beside it is just the two of us,the process is quick and smooth. Once we are out we realised that those grey clouds have decided to let the rain fall. No thunders or lightning to warn us, just a sadden warm summer rain.We have to zig zag in between tourists strolling around with their umbrellas that, I thought ,were more dangerous then necessary considering it was only drizzling. We know where to go,it’s a nice little patisserie not far from where we are staying. We pick a table on the terrace, rain is not a problem because we are sheltered. We ordered our breakfast: 2 cappuccinos (very small.if you read my previous posts know what I’m talking about) and croissants filled with peach jam for me and custard cream for my husband. The rain stopped,the clouds starts to distance them self from one an other. A very timid sun tries to shine . The tourists face are shining too, with smiles : there is a hope that the day is not wasted.

Neither me nor my husband cope well with the heat .We rarely have lunch at the beach as those hours are definitely too hot for us,but today it seems the right day to do it. The weather seems to suit.It is not that sunny and the morning rain should have cooled the temperatures down . It is decided, we’ ll have a stroll and then go to the beach for a light lunch. We browse around the town main street for a while. We check out the shop’ s windows ,some of them advertising the final sales of the season, some other already displaying the winter fashion must have. I would like to take advantage of this beach/kids free morning to look for a couple of presents I want to buy for some friends but I soon give up because of my husband absence of patience.I am not used to go to shopping with him and now I know why,….if there was any doubt about it.

Lunch at the beach

It is nearly 1 o’ clock ,we briefly pop in at the apartment to wear our beach flip flop and go back out. The beach is just few metres away from our house .We are there . We already decided not to stop at the Kiosk straight in front of our place but to go to one of the following ones. We are halfway between two ,it is more warm and sunny then we expected. We thought it would stay cloudy but the sun keeps pushing his way through the clouds and when it can make it ,it shines at full power.

I don’t have my hat so I can feel the heat on my head ,I tell my husband we should stop and have lunch as I don’t want to walk under the sun anymore,actually neither does he. I have a toast stuffed with grilled vegetables and he has a club sandwich.

It is relaxing .We have a quick coffee and head home. Everything is still in low motion. We watch a late news edition and then I decide,very unusually ,to go to the beach early.My husband stays behind. He never comes down before 5.

Inspired by the sea

The beach is still deserted,probably most of the people are still deciding if the weather is trustable. I lay down my towel and move the beach bed so to have my head under the shadow. The sun is up but most of the parasols are still closed ,the sound of the waves to keep me company. I take my iPad from the bag and start to write. I never wrote at the beach ,only took notes on my phone to be elaborated later at home. I had my doubt about what successful this experiment could be but once I start I can’t stop. The light and sheer on the screen is sometimes annoying but I am concentrated,I am inspired. The words flow. The post looks already too long for a blog but ….never mind…I will break it in more then one post or paragraphs.I can’t stop now, it is coming along well,I think! I have been writing for a while now. The sun is completely out,the heat is back. I decide to take a break and go for a swim. I need to cool down my body temperature. In the very same moment I putting away my iPad I seen my husband arriving. Wow , only 4.30 very early for him. I am glad he is here . We go for a swim together . Rough green/ grey waves welcome us. The few children that are in the water are having the most fun. The adults complain about the chilly water but ,deep down , I am sure they are enjoying the waves too. I am! Rough waves bring us all back to childhood,we jump and dive into them and laugh when they take us by surprise,spontaneously like big kids. For once that we don’t have the girls with us and we don’t have to stay in the water for at least 1 hour my husband is quick to go out straight after his swim. I stayed behind ,this time. I like to indulge myself floating around. The water is a bit cold today but I can’t resist the fun of the waves.

I am out,it takes a while to dry my swimming suit. The sun is gone ,again. There is no much hope for it to come back,forecast are not very promising either and neither are those black clouds I see coming toward us. My husband leaves,he goes back to the apartment. He is bored he says,he prefers to go and watch some television. I stay,I will go bored watching television at home instead. I can’t watch tv during the day lately, it just bores me . I absolutely have nothing against tv but , for some unknown reason , I can’t watch tv at daytime anymore. Not only I find it boring but it makes me sad,melancholic. Evening time it is an other story. I always watch a bit of television after dinner. I take my iPad back out and start to write my story ,from where I left it. I am drown back into my writing but the atmosphere all around me has changed in the meanwhile. The beach populated,and nobody left despite the weather promises rain again. The noise quadruplicated from when I arrived. I suspect the mothers brought their kids down out of desperation, nothing was working to keep them under control in the house anymore. Teenagers gathered together telling loudly their latest adventures . Women in groups gossiping and talking most probably about the one of them is not there. My quiet inspiring time on the beach is gone: I put my iPad away, I fold my towel, grab my dress and flip flop and go home.

Evening time

Once I got home it is still early. It is around 6 o’clock and I am dying for a coffee. I put the moka on, get my mug of coffee and sit on the balcony. I am lazy, a bit bored, not willing to jump in the shower yet so I rang my mom ,chat for a while, speak to my girls too. We will go to collect them tomorrow morning . I am back to write. My husband is still watching tennis . I play tennis,for fun, but I can’t understand how he can spend hours looking at two people throwing a ball from onside of a court to the other. I am not a big fun of watching sport on the tv, not even the sports I like and play,but that is just me . Without realising it is nearly 8 o’ clock.He goes for his shower first,I follow. It is time to decide what to do about dinner. No way I will cook.It is holidays for me too! We go out ,walk for a while and then stop in a pizzeria we usually go . Dinner is tastefully and satisfying sorted,I could eat pizza every day. We don’t want to go home straight so we go for an other walk and a drink.

The evening is fresh,very nice to stay out,no sticky hot weather. We are sipping our g&t when the wind raises, and we can clearly smell the summer thunderstorm that is coming. All the lightnings we saw on the way ,they now make sense.

We rushed a little bit with our drinks and are nearly ready to go when the wind is sadden at high speed. The ashtrays are flying from the tables,the waiters are running around try to remove as much as they can from the terrace.The chairs are all on the ground ,the tables are sliding from one side to an other. All the customers are packed inside waiting terrified that an other hurricane would come , like last week. Fortunately,the worst has passed very quickly and without damages.

We leave the bar and make it home before the heavy rain starts. We are now watching television,an old episode of Midsummer Murders ,not exactly my husband favourite, but the only decent thing the are showing. It is nice tonight, we left the windows open as the the wind calmed down and the rain doesn’t come in but the nice cool breeze does. We won’t have difficult to fall asleep.


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