Everyday inspirations: Melisandre,Daenerys,Kim and Me.

I am probably one of the few person in the entire world who doesn’t watch “Game of Throne”.
I want to specify that this is not because I have something against this show, on the contrary ,those few episodes I randomly saw were absolutely amazing and engaging.
I am not watching it because I never did since the beginning, except for some replica at Christmas time last year, and by then it was far too late to start. I was already years behind in the series ,catching up was a mission impossible unless I slept,ate,drank,had a shower….did everything in front of television for few months!
So I am missing this great show,I am banned from many conversations as I don’t know whose kingdom is currently under siege and whose king has been assassinated last.
I am a rare specimen and not even because I chose it to be: only by the chance. I was not at the right time in front at the right tv channel.
I eventually started to get over my condition of outcast, and learned to go on with my life without any “Game of Throne knowledge ” until the Kardashians started to populate the mundane scene.
Here I was ,once again at the wrong time in the wrong place, except this time was absolutely intentional!!
I didn’t start to watch the first episode and have no intention to catch up with the Kardashians.
Very soon I am cut out ,again , from many topics of conversation but also from fashion discussion ,and this hurts most.
Apparently ,in fact,the tree sisters dictate the new rules of what is up or down in fashion and I wouldn’t now.
I always found reality show mortally boring.
Since the time of the first Big Brother.
I never really understood the pleasure on watching other people trapped like laboratory mouse in an apartment .
(The laboratory mouses are much more spontaneous in their action and reaction).
Let me have a little digression here: first Big Brother was what, like over 20 years ago???and new version are still populating our TVs screen!!!!
To me ,very low is the interest for watching anonymous people 24/7 going on with their average day, that is all but that!
I know now there is celebrities doing it. It is much more interesting!!!
Yes, celebrities who are called so , because in most of the cases they did the previous edition !
Well, if we are lucky we might see real celebrities: like singers buried from the spotlights by 20 years or so.
No,wait a minute those ones are more incline to participate to realities where they are sent away in deserted island and have to survive the hostile environment as much as the meanness of their fellow participants. Of course ,it is a challenge with themselves, they test their limits…….
My opinion: they go to loose weight, (VIP beauty farms are too expensive for them nowadays), in the hope of regaining a bit of success and decent money!
I know it is mean to say but ………seriously?..why would you humiliate yourself like that?????? It is behind my comprehension.
Now back to the Kardashians, why would I want to see, what 3 sisters and their mother, do with their days?
Apparently there are actually a lot of reasons why! The reality is going on for years and people keep following their spree of extravaganza.
Kim is an influencer now!
To me only good quality she has is that big bottom of hers,that makes normal ordinary women feeling a bit better about their back side, but I don’t think it is enough to justify her constant presence on the tabloids.
It is not enough to make her a role model to our daughters.
We all are a bit fascinated by the rich and famous but let them at least do something ,that requires more skill then marrying rappers,to gain their status and our curiosity and ,may be our esteem.
Am I to harsh?May be I am and may be it is also because I have never forgiven her for calling Ireland a “s… hole ” country .
But I bet her sisters secretly think and say even worst.
Well, can you blame them? Despite the big effort and despite being in the same show for years,they still are not as famous.
Still they are Kim Kardashian ‘s sisters.
In all of this i can’t not wonder what the father thinks:
He went from being one of the most famous American attorney involved in one of the most famous murder trial of all times ,to be Kim ‘s dad!!!
Poor guy!


6 thoughts on “Everyday inspirations: Melisandre,Daenerys,Kim and Me.

  1. I’m with you babes I am that 1% that have not seen a single episode of GoT and I would rather Iron my husbands shirts (which I hate) than watch the K family They are 💩💩

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