Story of a little ordinary bikini

Before going on holidays ,I bought a new bikini.

I have been quite proud of my purchase as it is a really nice one,(a bit hippyish style with fancy adornments)  and most importantly it was on sale.
Well ,to tell the true ,it was not an expensive piece at full prize either, but ,the fact that was on sale erased any sense of guilt for buying “an other bikini “.

Just to clarify, I never feel guilty when I buy shoes or bags ,but a bikini is an other thing.
I already have enough of them to interchange them for those few weeks I go to the beach, plus it’s a type of purchase that doesn’t really give me pleasure and obviously this have nothing to do with the fact that I am woman who likes cheese(translated I am curvy).
May be the sense guilt comes from the fact that I keep buying them with the hope that the next one is always the one who fit well……or,to be precise, the one I fit well in.
Except I know already it doesn’t!

Anyway ,back to the point of my story,we decide to go to a water park and I am wearing my new bikini.
We are queuing to go to one of the water slides and there I see it: there is woman wearing my exact bikini ……….and she is not a woman who likes cheese!!!

Now, how high can be the chance to queue,in a waterpark off a small sea town in north of Italy, side by side with someone wearing my same Tesco bikini ?????


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