Real Friends don’t judge

I have been thinking about friendship a lot recently.
I met a lot of new people and I am not sure how to categorise them: acquaintances or friends?
Sometimes the line dividing the two categories is clear but some other times is not and,unfortunately, more then once I abused of the word “friend” and I got hurt.

Lately I found myself very close to someone and I am incline to call her a friend but, as time passes, I am starting to question the foundation of our “friendship”.
I like her and enjoy the time we spend together but I feel there is something missing and I feel I can’t let go myself as I would like to do with a so called friend.

I was talking to my cousin and I was telling her about some of my new “friends” when I realised that, very often, i link “friendship” to ” availability “.
On a superficial valuation this surely makes sense and looks right: in fact, what are friends for if not to be there when needed ?
Well ,indeed, real friends are always there when you need them but this is just a consequence of the friendship ‘s nature not its foundation.

The absence of judgement is ,instead, the foundation of true friendship:
That friendship that makes you always comfortable to be yourself ;
That friendship were you don’t compete and don’t compare with one an other;
That friendship that is at tracts nearly naive , because we are like kids that look at everything without malice .
That friendship where spontaneity in what we say ,do and feel leads the way.


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