A non ordinary day at the beach

It started like an ordinary day at the beach.

Kids happily making sand castles or having fun in the sea ,diving into the waves.Mothers busy chasing the little ones to top up their suncream .Dads checking their phones for the latest news or reading under the parasols.Young couple holding their hands while sunbathing ,totally careless of the heat, too in love to care about their body sweaty and sticky.Groups of elderly,with their white hats to protect them from the sun,playing cards and pretending to get upset when loosing a game.

I am lying down ,my head under the shadow ,only my legs exposed to the sun, shining in the sky like a ball of fire.I fell asleep while reading but suddenly I am brought back to awareness by my daughters giggling and pulling my arm as I was allegedly snoring.Embarrassed I quickly sit straight and look around, to check who could have heard me but everybody seems too busy with their phones,books,naps…..to care about my snoring: "pew" but also "who cares.."……I am on holidays.

It is now nearly 5 o' clock,time for an other swim when we hear a thunder barking in from far away and then an other one and an other one.

By instinct I lift my head up ,to the sky.We see black clouds travel at high speed.

The sun is covered,the light is gone.It is suddenly night time.The marine breeze is now heavy wind.

The whole beach is set in motion :everybody starts packing their belongings ready to go home before the rain comes .

A scream, from a non identified directions and everybody freeze.At first I don't understand what is going on but then I turned around and I see: A cone made of wind and water is rising in the middle of the sea.

My daughters are petrified by what they are seeing.To them,tornados exist only in the books.They hug myself and their father not sure what they should do:fascination and fear is what I see in their eyes,in their expressions.

I want to leave but at the same time I want to see what's next.It is the first time I see something like that so closely .

At the horizon there is nothing to separate the see and sky but this monster made threatening coming toward us.

I know I have to start moving,packing and go home but I am paralysed .i can't move and I can't stop watching.The life guards are securing the beach and forcing everyone to leave.

We are home.Showered and changed on the balcony looking at the sky turning back to his light blue colour .

The rain stopped,the tree are naked after being shacked so vigorously.The roads are white covered in ice stones that are melting already.

The storm has passed,everything is back to normal :ready for an other ordinary day at the beach.  


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