A midsummer day dream

After being in Florence all morning and desperate to find some relief from the heat and the crowd that was overflowing streets and monuments,we drove up to a little village sitting on the hills overlooking Florence:Fiesole
The view from up there was amazing and the breeze a gift from the sky .
We went to the Egyptian and Roman museum and to see the rests of the roman theatre.
My husband and daughters went to see the gardens while I waited sitting on those steps that once were the seats from where the crowd cherished the gladiators or enjoyed the performances of the most famous actors playing Gods and Goddesses orchestrating the lives of the mortals.
I don't know how long I was there but long enough for me to let that magic place bring me back in the past and there I was,back in the time when the Roman Empire was still ruling half of the known world.
There I was ,on the stage ,playing in a Greek tragedy .
My face framed by purple red curls.
My body wrapped in a white tunic .
My arms adorned with gold bangles shaped like snake with emeralds as eyes .
I am acting and I am dancing and singing and the spectators are enchanted by my performance.
Their mouths slightly open in disbelief waiting to know what is gonna happen next:will Proserpina,the Goddess of hell ,kidnapped by Plutone,King of Ade ,free herself?
Yes, Giove will free her and the voices of other tourists will free me,bringing me back to present.
I get up and start climbing the stairs to leave but not before turning and giving last look at the stage, last wave at the public, last bow.


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