Every day inspirations: Home

It's funny how when I think about home I think about my home;the home where I live with my own family ,but if I think at the smell of home I think at the smell of old freshly varnished wood of the house where I grew up: I think about my parents ' house .
The very same house I called home for a long time even after I moved out and even after moving abroad.
For few good years, in fact, I used to say :I'm going back home", when visiting my country of origin.
Now I don't go home anymore,I go to my parents' house, visiting or holidaying and then I come back home.
You are probably thinking ,"fair enough", "this is absolutely normal", and it is !but pay attention at the words: my "home"; their " house", and this is probably not fair enough. Isn't other people entitled to have a home? It might not be home for me anymore ,but sure it is for my parents.
It is just me, unconsciously calling other people home "house" or is it a common thing to do in order to make our own home unique?
Most probably , it is something we do , being completely oblivious to the hidden meaning.
If we are lucky enough to call a place " home ",in fact, we don't need to make it unique because it is already the most special place in the world!!!


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