Every day inspirations

What do I like?
I like reading,good movies,good tv dramas,I like clothes and accessories (not necessarily expensive).i like talking with my good friends ,I like doing my yoga on my own and I like new things.
I'm curious and I am greedy of new experiences despite the fact sometimes it is very hard pushing myself behind my safe comfort zone,
I nearly forgot, I like coffee and I like cake and cheese……..but sometimes I wish I wouldn't….. because I wouldn't be much slimmer😜
What did I learn?
I learned not to judge by the cover.
I learned that we are what we are and there is nothing we can't do about it……our nature can't change,must not change ,in the same way we can't ask the ones around us to change.Acceptance is the key.
I learned I have limits…..lots of limits .
I learned hard work always pays back,even if at long term.
I learned not to be afraid of showing what I am
I learned sometimes you just must be happy with what you have cause you can't have more.
What I wish
I wish to stay healthy
I wish the ones I love to stay healthy
I wish to always have a happy life with my family
I wish my blog good
Things I am good at
I am good at listening
I am good at organising day by day life.(probably to balance the traffic jam of thoughts and emotions in my head)
I am good at baking
I am good at taking care of people…..I know it is a bit presumptuous of me to say but I have got good feedbacks over the years
I am good at writing?
I am good at judging characters,most of the time.


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