Because I write……????

A such vast answer for a such simple question.I write because I like it and because I need it.It soothes me and when I start I find difficult to stop.It is like the pen is a calamite for my thoughts.

When I was a kid I used to write short stories and so I did on my early twenties then I stopped but please don’t ask me why ,because I don’t have an answer to that.I just stopped!

I started again few years back when in therapy as I ve been suggested to keep a diary and since then I never stopped again.

Therapy is over,diary is not written regularly anymore but I kept the habit to write down my thoughts,my feelings,what is happening and from there I started to pay more attention at what was going on around me,even the odours,the colours and started to feel the urge to write down what I was seeing and what I was feeling.

I never really dared to publish anything in the fear of not being interested enough but may be now it’s time to overcome this fear of the world judgement:Every feeling,every sensation,every point of view is interested enough ,at least for someone or….,this way it should be.


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