How the Adams helped bringing my marriage back.

We organised a Halloween party ,dress up obligatory of course.I wanted for me and my husband to dress up like a couple,he didn’t even want to dress up😱

At the end I had it my way, and he quite warmed up to the idea of dressing up actually(to a point we are planning an other party for this year Halloween )

Two option:bloody doctor and nurse or Morticia and Gomez?

We both grew up with the Adams tv series so there was not much to think about.

Gomez and Morticia we were!

The night of the party came and we were absolutely fabulous in our costumes.

I loved my tight dress(of course my Bridget jones panties were keeping everything in😉),the red lipstick and the long black wig.

He ,on the other side,was perfect as Gomez,a very handsome one ….and enjoying his cigar.

I have to say we were particularly at easy as Morticia and Gomez and we really enjoy acting like them .

By the end of the evening I’m not sure we were acting but I’m sure of one thing:

we danced (tango obviously)and I fell in love all over again with “my Gomez”



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