Why” truly madly ordinary”?

Why” truly madly ordinary”?
First of all to honour one of my favourite writer,and one among you who reads her knows exactly what I am talking about.
Second of all because it is a title that does describe quite well what I am…..or I think I am,but I am not alone…..and that ,it is something I am pretty sure about!!!

“Ordinary “is a word who always terrified me,in particular when I was a young ,idealist,highly opinionated girl ,still living by those values I was feeding myself through Baudelaire,Kant,Allan Poe,Oscar Wilde,Kerouac and so on.
And I was convinced my life would have never been “ordinary “…….I was going to do something with it!But this was then….before I grew up,before I actually throw myself in the real word. That world made of interviews,jobs,bills to be paid,a husband ,kids,dogs,gold fishes and without even realising it I was living an ordinary life ,or I thought I was,and so “ordinary” was not a terrifying word anymore:it was the most depressing word of all!!!
Me it was not Me anymore.
I suddenly realised I turned into a person I didn’t want to be so thanks to some good friends ,and a good therapist ,I drop the mask.
Best thing ever done!!!
“Ordinary ” was now only a word ,unless I was giving it the power to poison my soul.
“Ordinary”,and I am convinced of that now, is a state of mind we trap ourself in,because we are too hard on ourself,too self demanding,we constantly compare ourself to someone more successful then us .
What we should instead be doing is start looking at our own existence from outside,so to see that “WE” are the successful one other people compare themselves to!
Looking at ourselves as a third party and without all those absurd demands we constantly stress ourselves with , will eventually make us to acknowledge all those little peculiarities making our lives not ordinary ,according with the “bad” meaning the word is currently associated to ,but Truly Madly Uniquely Ordinary.


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