I know I said see you tomorrow but just a brief pre bed time suggestion:the above book is great!
I have always been skeptical about adults colouring book but this one is different.There are notes from the author and spaces for the readers to write down their own feelings,thoughts ,experiences.
I admit She(the author )is a bit extreme and you are supposed to suffer from anxiety to enjoy the whole thing but …hey,I don't suffer from anxiety and I loved it!!!
Unless panic attacks qualify as anxiety because then….yes …I have been there few times.Long gone now….thanks God cause I still remember trying to explain to my mathematician husband ,(for whom everything must be even and square),why on heart took me over an hour to get home through the same rout that usually took me 20/25 minutes………
The poor man ,probably he secretly had a panic attack himself trying to understand what was going on in his wife head……
Now it is really everything for today
Good night


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